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Essence of Love (year two of SMI education)

During the second year of the Sensing Mind Institute’s educational program, students will delve into an in-depth examination of the complex topic of love. The curriculum will cover a wide range of subtopics, including the concepts of appreciation, nourishment, merging, passion, intimacy, and trust.

This course is designed for students who have already gained a foundational understanding of essence, either through previous coursework at Sensing Mind Institute or through other means.

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Dimensions of Love - year two of the SMI education

Module 7: On Appreciation

Appreciation without any reason feels deeply relaxed, open, soft, and healthy. Appreciation, that is not an appreciation of anything particular, brings a sense of self as perfectly loved and perfectly lovable. Such uncaused appreciation brings a feeling of this moment being perfect as it is. This moment is perfectly good at being exactly what it is. Because unconditioned appreciation has no cause, it can never really be lost. Resting in such appreciation dissolves any sense of being under-appreciated, undeserving of love and of having to deserve or bargain for love. It is the simple and natural flow of unconditional love.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to identify the somatic ground of appreciation
  • Getting familiar with the appreciation and appreciativeness
  • Working with strategies for achieving appreciation
  • Working with conflicts between ideals and sense of perfection
  • Working with cynicism
  • Working with issues related to softness
  • Understanding perfection of Being beyond value-judgements

Dates: Feb 7, 21, 28, Mar 7 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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Module 8: On Nourishment, Satisfaction & Fulfilment

When you sense being, you may sense various aspects of its physicality and its effect on us. One of these aspects is that being nourishes you and brings you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. It makes your flesh feel juicy and relaxed like an infant’s. We call this aspect of being the Milk Essence and it is love in the form of nourishment. When this love fills you up, it leaves no room for feelings of hunger or neediness or feeling that scarcity of love forces you to either give up or fight to get what is yours. When this love fills you up, you naturally begin to overflow with a generosity of love, compassion, kindness, and helpfulness in your daily life.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to identify the somatic ground of nourishing satisfaction
  • Getting familiar with nourishing satisfaction
  • Working with strategies for achieving nourishing satisfaction
  • Working with neediness
  • Working with issues of over- and under-entitlement
  • Separating ordinary needs and neurotic needs
  • Understanding neurotic needs as misguided attempts to achieve awareness of Being

Dates: Mar 21, 28, Apr 11, 18 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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Module 9: On Love & Sweetness

With loving unity, you melt with the world, with others, and with yourself. This love feels warm and sweet like golden, liquid honey. It soothes the nerves. It brings a feeling of oneness that heals feelings of separateness and of dependency. It lubricates your system so work becomes easier. It brings a loving glow to your life. It is one of the most sought after inner states. Many people on various spiritual paths are ultimately seeking this.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to relax by melting
  • Getting familiar with relaxed resiliency
  • Working with issues around negative merging and separateness
  • Working with issues around surrender, control and absence of borders
  • Working with issues around dependency and independence through self-regulation
  • Understanding experiences of oneness on the individual level and the level of community U)

Dates: May 9, 16, 23, 30 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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Module 10: On Passion

Passionate love heats your blood and turns it into the blood of life.  It is the love that makes your heart feel uncontrolled, free, and fearless.  It makes you drunk with love. It shows you your heart’s true passion.  It brings a poetic zest into your life.  With this love you can truly love, as if you’ve never been hurt. It is fire and emptiness.  No fear, no mind, total energy, and total power.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to identify passion
  • Getting familiar with relaxed energetic charge
  • Working with issues around passion
  • Working with issues around jealousy
  • Working with issues around loss of control
  • Understanding experiences of passionate self-love

Dates: Aug 29, Sep 5, 12, 19 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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Module 11: On Intimacy

When stillness touches the heart, you feel intimate love. It opens a refined and sensitive attunement to self and others. It is a gentle, soft, boundless darkness. It is a silent night that feels safe, friendly, and very familiar. With this love, you may be alone, but not lonely. With this love, even when you don’t know the way, you are never lost.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to identify somatic ground of intimacy
  • Getting familiar with intimacy decoupled from ideas about intimacy
  • Working with issues around intimacy
  • Working with issues around loneliness
  • Working with issues around isolation
  • Experiencing internal intimacy with shadow sides

Dates: Oct 3, 10, 24, 31 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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Module 12: On Loving Holding Environments and Basic Trust

This love is your basic trust in life.  It is the loving holding environment where you can naturally develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is like opening a window and allowing the fresh summer sunlight to flood the room.  The more you bathe in this Loving Light, the more the hidden layers of frozenness and shock in your system can be touched and begin to melt.  It is the embrace of existence that holds you always.  The Living Daylight returns you to a natural state of trust and love.

Learning objectives

  • Learning to increase receptivity through surrender
  • Getting familiar with the felt sense of unconditional trust
  • Working with issues around trust, self-defeating strategies for generating trust, and attachment styles
  • Working with issues around unconscious recreation of the family holding environment as a substitute for Being
  • Working with issues around your relationship to God/the divine
  • Understanding experiences of Being as holding environment

Dates: Nov 14, 21, 28, Dec 5 (Tuesday evenings 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET)

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