Sensing Mind Institute

Sensing Mind Institute offers an education in the therapeutic use of meditation, self-inquiry and other practices adapted from various spiritual traditions.

The practices taught in these workshops comes out of an ongoing and enriching dialogue between spiritual wisdom traditions and modern scientific traditions.

Wisdom traditions can greatly enrich modern fields of science, such as cognitive psychology, social science, and neuroscience, by providing a rich source of essential research questions and powerful methods of inquiry/contemplation.

Inversely, modern scientific traditions have much to offer in terms of developing the knowledge and practices found in the old wisdom traditions and in terms of making such knowledge and practices more accessible to the modern-day people, who are accustomed to and shaped by the ways of thinking and speaking found in science.

The institute was founded by Dr Claus Springborg in October 2016.

It is with great joy, that I announce the opening of Sensing Mind Institute.

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