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Claus Springborg, Ph.D. - Unification of Science and Spirituality

I grew up with two loves. On the one hand, I loved natural science. I found math beautiful. I felt soothed by its precision and in awe of its power. This led me to study physics at Copenhagen University. On the other hand, I had a deep yearning to connect with something bigger than myself. This led me to study various psychological and spiritual traditions with the likes of Claudio Naranjo (Enneagram),  Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche (Tibetan Buddhism), and  Faisal Muqaddam, Jeremy Klein, and Velusia Van Horssen (Diamond Logos). 

However, I felt deeply torn between the world of science and spirituality. Physics seemed to leave no room for the spiritual dimension of life and often actively ridiculed it. Spirituality seemed to have a complete disregard for logical thinking and any scientific approach to inquiry and often view it with suspicion or even animosity. I had a deep love and respect for both science and spirituality and found that the widespread lack of mutual respect among the people in these two camps was frustrating. No matter where I was, I could only bring half. 

After a  master from Copenhagen University and a 10 years apprenticeship in a contemporary spiritual tradition called Diamond Logos , I sat out to formulate a conceptual framework that could unified spiritual traditions and modern scientific thinking. I did this through a 4 years Ph.D. at Cranfield University. I found the key to this unification in the field of embodied cognition – a new branch of cognitive science – that deals with the humans most basic concepts are grounded in sensory-motor circuits in the brain. 

After finishing this work, I no longer feel torn between my love for science and my love for spirituality. They are no longer opposites. Instead, they are two ways of exploring this existence that supports and enriches each other. Finding a way of reconciling science and spirituality has resolved an inner split and made me feel more whole, unified and at ease in life. It has also given great strength to both my scientific research and my spiritual practice and teaching. 

Today, I have established a school, Sensing Mind Institute, where I teach methods for personal development to therapists, psychologists, counsellors, managers and others who work professionally with people and who would like to include a spiritual dimension in this work – without having to adopt anti-scientific views. You can say that I teach spirituality to people who have a healthy scepticism towards the world of spirituality. 

Apart from my work with Sensing Mind Institute, I am lecturing on leadership, entrepreneurship, community building, and co-creation at Copenhagen Business School, and I play music and dance tango.

In my teaching, I emphasise kindness, precision, and humour.