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Sensing Mind Institute

The essence of life - Be More by doing less!

Connect with the essence of confidence, vitality, peace, kindness, joy, freedom and love by recognising and relinquishing any counterproductive ways you may be seeking these states.

25 live online sessions, 3-hours each, 75 hours in total.

The Essence of Life is in the present moment

We are often so busy doing things that we miss the simple enjoyment of being in life.

We do much of what we do because we hope to get certain feelings that are precious to us, such as the feeling of confidence, vitality, peace, kindness, joy, freedom and love. 

Ironically enough, when we allow ourselves to simply be, we find that the present moment holds all the feelings we seek, and that we are simply too busy seeking to notice this. 

In the Essence of Life, you will be guided through a systematic and rigorous exploration into the essence of what you seek. You will learn to see and unhook from your counterproductive habits and to connect directly with what you seek in the present moment.

Students will typically get the following from the course:

  • A profound sense of self-love and wholeness
  • Increased tolerance, love and empathy for partners, children, friends, and colleagues
  • Increased capacity to enjoy life as it is which makes your life both simpler and richer
  • Courage to feel your vitality and passion and let it guide you in life
  • Healing and resolution for issues you have struggled with throughout life
  • Increased capacity to help clients and to resolve both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts with less drama
  • Better understanding of other spiritual teachings you may have encountered

The practicalities of the course:

  • Duration: 25 evenings from 5-8 pm UK time / 18-21 CET (75 hours in total)
  • Price: 29.500 DKK (app. £3.512/ €3.966 / $4.224) 
  • Dates: If you are interested in being notified when a new group starts, write to info@sensingmind.com
  • Place: Zoom. You will get a link when you sign up. We use the same link for all meetings. 
  • Number of participants: Max 20 participants

Each session will contain a mix of

  • guided meditations
  • Theoretical presentations based on time-honoured spiritual traditions as well as from modern research in cognitive science and positive psychology.
  • self-inquiry exercises
  • Q&A sessions where students can work directly with the teacher. 

What you will get apart from the sessions

  • You get recordings of the presentations after each session so you can deepen in the material and so that even if you miss a session, you can still listen to the recordings and do the exercises for yourself.
  • You become part of a community dedicated to personal and spiritual development. Students will often meet between sessions to redo the exerises. 
  • You get access to the Sensing Mind Institute’s free community evenings where you can meet students from other groups and explore topics not covered in the Essence of Life. 
  • Discount on private sessions.


There are many names for what you may seek, such as confidence, vitality, peace, etc. However, the multitude of things we seek can be captured in six inner felt sense states: White Essence, Red Essence, Black Essence, Green Essence, Yellow Essence, and Space – see descriptions below. 

In the Essence of Life, we dedicate 4-5 sessions to each essence. 

When this Essence sits in our body, we feel rooted, grounded in Essence, and deeply supported.  This Essence gives us the capacity to feel at ease, supported, and in touch with Being in the midst of our daily life.  Here we know Essential will and confidence.  White Essence brings resolution to issues of over-efforting and feelings of deficiency.  We experience feeling centered in our selves, and we are neither distracted by our thoughts, emotions and impulses, nor by the external world.

Dates: Feb 8, 22, Mar 1, 8

When this Essence flows in our body, we feel strong, courageous, and passionately alive.  This Essence gives us the capacity to meet our life challenges and opportunities with a feeling of strength, capacity, and enthusiasm.  Red Essence brings resolution to our issues around anger and the fear of separation.  We experience a sense of expansion and the courage to move on.

Dates: Mar 22, 29, Apr 12, 19

When this Essence flows in our body, we feel deeply peaceful and very intimate.  This Essence erases our worrying and over-active mind and settles us into a depth of peace and tranquility.  Black Essence allows us to meet and resolve our issues around the fear of death, doubt and hate.  We experience stillness, peace of mind, and direct knowing.  We gain access to our inner protector of Essence – the defender of Being.

Dates: May 10, 17, 24, 31, Jun 14

When this Essence flows in our body, we feel bathed in kindness, gentleness, and compassion.  This Essence gives us the capacity to meet our inner experience with loving-kindness, acceptance, and gentleness.  Green Essence acts as an inner balm, soothing our sorrows and sadness.  We experience compassion for our selves and for others.  We can tolerate vulnerability and woundedness, and stay with it with healing awareness in our heart.

Dates: Aug 30, Sep 6, 13, 20

When this Essence flows in our body, we feel exquisitely happy and light-hearted.  This Essence releases the burdens and heaviness in our heart and gives us the capacity to celebrate and live joyously.  The Yellow Essence resolves our issues around false loyalty, our complex mind, as well as issues around our wishing and wanting.  We experience the lightness and simplicity of Being, and we leave the shell of our parents’ imprints.

Dates: Oct 4, 11, 25, Nov 1

When we experience the dimensions of Space, we feel beautifully open, expansive, clear and free.  Our mind without content is simply clear and open space.  Space brings a natural capacity for change.  At the same time, it is a stabilizer for the open, clear mind.  Space erases the limitations, self-images, and constrictions of our past conditioning.  With Space, we experience the freedom and openness of our Being.

Dates: Nov 15, 22, 29, Dec 6

What people say about the course

About Claus Springborg, PhD

Over the last couple of decades, I have studied various traditional and contemporary paths of personal development. In particular, I have studied the Enneagram with Claudio Naranjo, Tibetan Buddhism with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, and the Diamond Logos essence work with Faisal Muqaddam, Jeremy Klein, and Velusia Van Horssen. I also hold a master practitioner degree in NLP.

I did my doctoral research at Cranfield University, UK. I researched how I could use modern cognitive science to understand the practices of personal development I had learned from the above-mentioned masters. In particular, I used cognitive metaphor theory and theories of embodied cognition. Sixty managers from various organisations participated in the research. The research is published in the book Sensory Templates and Manager Cognition: Art, Cognitive Science and Spiritual Practices in Management Education and in several book chapters and academic papers on topics, such as education, therapy, cognitive science, leadership, and community building.

Today, I have established a school, Sensing Mind Institute, where I teach my methods of personal development to therapists, psychologists, counsellors, managers and others who work professionally with people. Apart from my work with Sensing Mind Institute, I am lecturing on leadership, entrepreneurship, community building, and co-creation at Copenhagen Business School and at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

I have a background in music, dance, and physics. In my teaching, I emphasise kindness, precision, and humour.

Request a Clarifying Conversation

If you would like to apply for a place on the education but you are unsure whether the Essence of Life is for you, you are very welcome to contact me with any questions you might have about the programme. 

I’m more than happy to answer emails and/or schedule a Zoom with you. 

Write to: info@sensingmind.com


Single Module

For those interested in gaining a preview of the program without committing to a full year, the option to enroll in the first module only is available at an additional cost of 10%, subject to availability of spots.

Essence of Life

Begin your journey of personal and professional growth by enrolling in the inaugural year of the Sensing Mind Institute’s comprehensive educational program on the practice of Essence Work.

Learn One to One

Enhance your personal and professional development by studying Essence Work through a year-long, personalised, one-on-one program.

Price: 5.410 DKK

(app £644/ €727/ $774)

Price: 29.500 DKK

(app. £3.512/ €3.966 / $4.224) 

Price: 299.000 DKK

(app. £35.650/ €40.200 / $43.300)

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