Totnes 2019
Jan 24th – 25th Introduction to Sensing Mind Institute Dr Claus
Apr 25th – 26th On Support, Grounding & Confidence Dr Claus
Jun 20th – 21st On Strength, Courage & Vitality Dr Claus
Aug 29th – 30th On Peace, Power & Stillness Dr Claus
Oct 31st – Nov1st On Compassion & Loving-Kindness Dr Claus
Dec 12th-13th On Joy and Happiness Dr Claus


Totnes 2020
Feb 27th – 28th On Appreciation Dr Claus
Apr 16th – 17th On Nourishment, Satisfaction, and Fulfilment Dr Claus
Jun 25th – 26th On Sweetness and Unity Dr Claus
Jul 30th – 31st On Passion Dr Claus
Sep 17th – 18th On Intimacy Dr Claus
Nov 19th-20th On Loving Holding Environments and Basic Trust Dr Claus