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Congratulations! You will soon receive Making Friends With Yourself in your mailbox

Making Friends with Yourself is an introduction to Sensing Mind Institute’s first self-paced online course: Disengaging from Inner Criticism

As I have only just created this introduction experience, it would be very lovely to receive feedback. So, do let me know your experience.

  • If you are new to Sensing Mind Institute, do let me know if anything in the mails are unclear to you or if there is anything you would like to hear more about. 
  • If you are already enrolled in courses at Sensing Mind Institute, do let me know if you think the introduction accurately describes how we are working with inner criticism. 
  • If you experience any technical issues, I’m also very interested. 
  • Any other feedback is, of course, also very welcome. 
You can sen your feedback to info@sensingmind.com

Have a lovely day!