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Copenhagen / Edinburgh group

On Practicing and On Facilitation 2022

On Practicing is focused on exploring essences as vehicles, i.e. deepening in a single essence as a path in itself. The specific focus of each workshop will be decided as we go along. This track is only open to members of the CPH/EDI group.

On Facilitation is focused on exploring techniques for facilitating essence work, including guiding meditations into essence, formulating and framing inquiry questions, and processing with people. This track is open to all who have worked sufficiently with essence in SMI or similar schools.

Dates 2022ModuleTeacher
Feb 25-27On Practicing 1Dr Claus Springborg
Mar 25-27On Facilitation 1Dr Claus Springborg
Apr 22-24On Practicing 2Dr Claus Springborg
Sep 16-18On Practicing 3Dr Claus Springborg
Sep 30-Oct 2On Facilitation 2Dr Claus Springborg
Dec 9-11On Practicing 4Dr Claus Springborg