On Facilitation

On Facilitation is focused on exploring techniques for facilitating essence work, including guiding meditations into essence, formulating and framing inquiry questions, and processing with people. The course consists of a respectful blend of traditional spiritual and modern psychological techniques as well as traditional spiritual philosophy and modern cognitive science. The course is open to all who have worked sufficiently with essence in SMI or similar schools. Feel free to write if you have any questions (info@sensingmind.com)

There are two modules in 2022. The dates are:

  • Mar 25-26
  • Sep 30 – Oct 2

The schedule for both modules is:

  • Fri 6 – 8.30 pm and Sat + Sun 10 am – 6 pm (UK time)
  • Fri 19-21.30 and Sat + Sun 11-18 (CET)


DKK 4,400.00


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