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Sensing Mind Institute helps you find unconditioned confidence, clarity, strength, freedom, joy, and love in the present moment

Get more from your life-practices

A life-practice is any activity you do to attempt to improve your well-being and life.

Life-practices can be spiritual and psychological practices, such as meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, chanting or yoga.

Life- practice can also be secular and practical practices, such as building a good family, building wealth, and fulfilling your dreams.

Regardless of what life-practices you place your faith in, you will want to ensure that you get the benefits you hope for and avoid spending time and effort on inefficient or even counterproductive life-practices.

Education for all creeds

At SMI we teach a map you can use to navigate on your life-journey and avoid wasting time on fruitless life-practices. 

We teach you to increase your well-being faster and more effectively.

The SMI education is based on a mutually enriching dialogue between research in cognitive science and positive psychology and a variety of ancient spiritual traditions.

Therefore, you can benefit from SMI’s education whether you are an atheist or a believer. The education can help you gain a deeper understanding of any philosophical system and any spiritual tradition and its texts, and help you be more proficient in the tradition’s practices. 

On SMI’s education in somatic-linguistic practices, you learn to unlock a range of innate resources, including grounding, vitality, peace, compassion, joy, openness and love.

Learn at your own pace with online courses.

In 1 to 1 sessions, you can deepen your understanding of the material from the workshops and integrate it into your own life and your professional practice.

In the webshop, you can buy books about how to apply somatic-linguistic practices to various topics, such as inner criticism.


Sensing Mind Institute is based on the belief that the combination of spiritual traditions and modern cognitive psychology provide a strong basis for developing potent human growth practices. The SMI approach emphasises kindness, precision and humour.


Sensing Mind Institute offers individual courses and a four-year education in Somatic-Linguistic Practices.


The Somatic-Linguistic Practices taught at Sensing Mind Institute are continually developed through engaging in research and publishing in academic journals and anthologies.

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