SMI helps you connect with the potential of the present moment

We all have life-stretegies we believe work but which, in fact, bring us the opposite of what we think. The reason we keep using such strategies is that when we do not get the results we want, we assume it is because we haven’t yet done enough. We rarely pause long enough to discover if our strategy does not work.

Sensing Mind Institute is dedicated to helping people identify and unhook from such couterproductive life-strategies.

We do so through educational programmes, online courses, books and one to one sessions. 

Our methods are based on ancient spiritual traditions and modern research in the fields of cognitive science and positive psychology.

Welcome to the Sensing Mind Institute!


On SMI’s education in somatic-linguistic practices, you learn to access a range of positive inner resources, such as grounding, vitality, peace, compassion, joy, openness and love.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace with online courses.


In 1 to 1 sessions, you can deepen your understanding of the material from the workshops and integrate it into your own life and your professional practice.


In the webshop, you can buy books about how to apply somatic-linguistic practices to various topics, such as inner criticism.


Sensing Mind Institute is based on the belief that the combination of spiritual traditions and modern cognitive psychology provide a strong basis for developing potent human growth practices. The SMI approach emphasises kindness, precision and humour.


Sensing Mind Institute offers a series of courses that can be taken individually or as part of a four-year education in Somatic-Linguistic Practices.


The Somatic-Linguistic Practices taught at Sensing Mind Institute are continually developed through engaging in research and publishing in academic journals and anthologies.