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Module 2: On Strength, Courage & Vitality

In each retreat we look at one specific aspect of Being and how this aspect of being is hidden from us in a net of conditioned concepts, ideas, and associations. Learning to recognize Being one aspect at a time as the ground from which all our experiences arise transforms how we perceive ourselves and others and teaches us to recognize the paradise which is always, already present to us. Learning to ground our concepts in the various experiences of Being, enables us to envision new ways of acting in the world, which preserve, rather than obscure, our awareness of this paradise.

On this retreat, we look at the aspect of Being we can experience as a free-flowing vitality.

The Earth is teaming with life. Life is continuously producing endless forms and variations with amazing creativity, exuberance, and force. We find life advancing in the remotest and harshest environments. We see grass breaking through concrete. Life is whole-heartedly engaged in its own creative action with no self-restraint.

Just like life on the planet, Being is a creative force and is continuously producing an abundance of forms, shapes, and experiences. This aspect of Being is what we feel when we feel vitality, strength, and courage. It is what we feel when we feel alive, adventurous, expansive, and fearless. When we forget ourselves, when we are total in our action, when we feel zest for life well up in us, we are aware of this aspect of Being within ourselves.

Becoming familiar with this state dissolves any issues around feeling anger, frustration, fear of separation, and issues around procrastination, lethargy, and lack of vitality. The more we become familiar with the sense of energetic surplus, the more we can meet life’s challenges and opportunities head-on. We come to know ourselves as energetic, engaged, and rich in initiative in an unforced, relaxed, and happy way.

If you like to join this retreat, you can send an email to info@sensingmind.com