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SMI Graduate Meeting – October 1st

The topic of this meeting will be one of the minor Essences, The Saffron Essence.

Being is our soul’s core. When we lose awareness of Being, we feel a profound sense of deficiency and of having lost our home. At birth, we flow with Being, but as the years pass and childhood conditioning takes hold, our awareness of Being fades. Consequently, we end up living the paradox that while Being permeates us, we remain largely unaware of this fact.

Just like white light consists of light of all colours, Being consists of many aspects or Essences. In the Sufi system of the Lataif, these aspects are categorized as five major Lataif and several minor ones.

The Saffron Essence is the Essence of altruis, generosity and pleasure. It brings a profound sense of expansion and joy. It delicately touches the heart center, rekindling the flow of love, benevolence, and happiness within us. In its presence, we find ourselves naturally inclined toward generosity and selflessness. Our sense of Self becomes anchored in precious inner values such as truth, generosity, and enduring happiness.

This day is open to all who have participated in the London, Copenhagen, Totnes and Edinburgh groups. You are also welcome to invite friends, who are familiar with Essence work from other places than SMI.

Time: 9 am to 5 pm UK time / 10-18 CET

If you have any questions, feel free to write to graduate@sendingmind.com

990.00 kr.

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