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Seeing Through Deficiency – November 12th (open for guests)

Practical information

  • Date: Sunday, November 12th
  • Time: 10 am to 5 pm UK time / 11-18 CET
  • Price: 990 DKK / 127 USD / 121 EUR / 105 GBP (incl. 25% VAT)
  • Teacher: Claus Springborg, Sensing Mind Institute

990.00 kr.

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Join us for a transformative one-day workshop where we delve into the common feeling of deficiency that can permeate our identities. For some people, this sensation of lacking something essential manifests as an overt pain, while for others, it is the hidden and unconscious driver of their compulsive behaviours.

When we see the world and ourselves through this sense of deficiency, it casts a shadow over how we perceive the world and our place within it, constraining our freedom, diminishing our capacity for joy, and impacting our ability to love and feel loved.

In our quest to alleviate the deficiency we perceive in ourselves, we feel compelled to attempt to heal it. Many people will experience that such healing can be a very difficult and long process. The reason for this is that you were never deficient in the first place. Your sense of deficiency is an illusion, and in seeking to heal the deficiency, you risk reinforcing this illusion.

Our workshop offers an alternative approach. Instead of trying to heal the deficiency, we explore the origins of this illusion, shedding light on its sources. Gaining insight into these underlying factors will help you see through the illusion and recognise your inherent wholeness.

Throughout this day, we will examine several sources contributing to the illusion of deficiency, including:

  • Our sense of deficiency as a by-product of our cognitive development
  • Our sense of deficiency as a consequence of our attempts at healing deficiency
  • The belief in deficiency as a survival mechanism and its intergenerational aspects

Join us on this day of exploration and discover the wholeness that has always been within you, untouched by any trauma.

If you know anyone, you would like to join the meeting, this meeting is open for guests.


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