Module 21: On Fullness, part 4, Nov 19-21

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Dates: 19-21/11 2021
Time: Fri: 6-8.30 pm UK time / 19-21.30 CET
Sat and Sun: 9 am to 5 pm UK time / 10-18 CET both days
Venue: Zoom (you will receive a link when you sign up)
Prerequisites: Primarily for members of Copenhagen and Edinburg groups
Open to (a limited number of) members of other groups who have covered modules 1-15. If you are not in either the CPH or the EDI group and wish to participate write to

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First, we looked at essences as various aspects of being.

Second, we looked at essence as various aspects of love. In the second year, we included a few combinations of the essences we looked at during year one.

Third, we have looked at the observing consciousness and the in-touch-ness we have used for all our explorations and we have begun the exploration into the essence of self.

Now we delve deeper into the exploration of the different ways in which we can experience ourselves as the totality of all essences. Over the course of four weekends, we will look at ourselves as a being of delight, a being of celebration and a generative being. I’m very much looking forward to travelling this part of the journey together with you.

Learning objectives

  • Perceiving multiple essences simultaneously
  • Working with issues around preciousness
  • Working with the split between spiritual desire and secular desire
  • Working with issues around grandiosity
  • Working with generativity
  • Working with the wish-fulfilling jewel
  • Working with truth
  • Working with continuous transformation
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