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Module 17: On Guidance, Aug 13-15

Dates: 13-15/8 2021
Time: Fri: 6-8.30 pm UK time / 19-21.30 CET
Sat and Sun: 9 am to 5 pm UK time / 10-18 CET both days
Venue: Zoom (you will receive a link when you sign up)
Prerequisites: Primarily for members of Copenhagen group
Open to (a limited number of) members of other groups who have completed modules 1-15. If you are not in the CPH group and wish to participate write to info@sensingmind.com

2,200.00 kr.

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As one learns to perceive the participation of one’s thought in the creation of one’s experience, it becomes possible to see things more objectively and less influenced by memory.

The more this happens, the more our perception brings true guidance.

Such clear perception becomes the true friend, bringing revelations, direct knowing, and refined intuition.  It opens us to recognise the guidance life is constantly providing.  It is the compass guiding us in the unknown.

“If God said, ‘Rumi pay homage
to everything that has helped you enter my arms,’
there would not be one experience of my life,
not one thought, not one feeling, nor any act,
I would not bow to.”
– Rumi

Learning objectives

  • Exploring ideas about the nature and the source of guidance
  • Working with amorphous mind and speech
  • Working with issues around blocking understanding
  • Working with epiphanies
  • Understanding guidance as arising from clear perception