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Module 3: On Peace, Power & Stillness

In each retreat we look at one specific aspect of Being and how this aspect of being is hidden from us in a net of conditioned concepts, ideas, and associations. Learning to recognize Being one aspect at a time as the ground from which all our experiences arise transforms how we perceive ourselves and others and teaches us to recognize the paradise which is always, already present to us. Learning to ground our concepts in the various experiences of Being, enables us to envision new ways of acting in the world, which preserve, rather than obscure, our awareness of this paradise.

On this retreat, we look at the aspect of Being, which we in different contexts can experience as both peace and power.

At night nature falls quiet. The activity and the noise of the day subside and leave behind a gentle stillness. The night is a time for resting and replenishing oneself.

Like the quiet night is still compared to the buzzing of the day, so Being is still compared to the buzzing of our mental and emotional dramas. We can experience this stillness in many ways. Just like the stillness of the night, the stillness of Being can be felt like a blessed peace or like quiet intimacy. At other times the stillness can be felt as something majestic and powerful. In this inner stillness, direct knowing becomes possible.

Becoming friendly with this stillness transforms how we seek peace and how we enact power. It allows us to be alone without feeling lonely. It gives us a way to rest and replenish in the midst of any internal or external drama and become masters of our own inner space.

If you like to join this retreat, you can send a mail to info@sensingmind.com