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Module 6: On Freedom, Openness & Receptivity

In each retreat, we look at one specific aspect of Being and how this aspect of being is hidden from us in a net of conditioned concepts, ideas, and associations. Learning to recognize Being one aspect at a time as the ground from which all our experiences arise transforms how we perceive our selves and others and teaches us to recognize the paradise which is always, already present to us. Learning to ground our concepts in the various experiences of Being, enables us to envision new ways of acting in the world, which preserve, rather than obscure, our awareness of this paradise.

On this retreat, we look at the aspect of Being we can experience as an unconditional form of freedom.

Looking at the vast open sky, we can get a sense of blissful freedom in the infinite space that surrounds us. The nature of the sky is to allow anything to move through it without resisting it and without being affected by it.

Just like the sky above us is open to everything, yet never affected by anything, so it is with our own mind. It is the fundamental nature of our mind to never resist any thought, emotion or sensation that moves through it. And the mind itself remains unaffected by any of its content. Any experience we have of freedom, expansion, openness, and receptivity, is echoing the sensory experience of our sky-like mind.

Sensing the sky-like nature of our mind gives us the capacity to freely allow change and openness while at the same time feeling effortlessly stable. It relaxes any tendency in us to hold on to fixed images of self and fixed idea about the world of phenomena, humanity, past or future. The more we are able to sense the inner open sky, the more freedom we feel in life and the more receptive we become to life and other people and our own true nature.

If you would like to participate in this workshop, you can send a mail to info@sensingmind.com