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Module 15: On Contact

At one point of the journey, we begin to feel that what we spend most of our time searching for is, in fact, already present to us in the present moment. Love is here. Aliveness is here. Joy is here. Peace is here. Compassion and appreciation are here. Freedom and support are here.
When we feel the ever-present nature of being and know that this is what we have been searching for, we no longer need to flee our present circumstances in the hopes of reaching something better. There arises in us a friendly contactfulness. As we again and again, venture to areas of our personal experience we would normally avoid and find that they are nothing other than essence distorted by our own avoidance of them, we gradually develop a taste for connecting with everything – regardless of its initial appearance.
As the veils fall and we perceive the ever-present being all around us, we stop spending our time in search of this being. This makes us engage in activities out of our personal love for these activities. Our lack motivation is replaced by a motivation that feels like our fullness spilling over into action. When you have love, aliveness, joy, peace, compassion, appreciation, freedom, and support, this inner richness spills over into the spontaneous and creative actions – without any concern for seizing and securing such treasures.
In this workshop, we will explore the personal and contactful aspect of being. This aspect of being feels connected, complete, full and personal. It brings a sense of personal contact, personal meaning, and personal engagement to our work and inquiry. It makes it easy to connect with our-selves, others, and essence.

“Stillness is what creates love. Movement is what creates life.
To be still and still moving—this is everything”
– Do Hyun Choe