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Inner criticism test

Different people have different voices of inner criticism. This test helps you identify your main style of inner criticism. Knowing your style of inner criticism can help you better disengage from it and liberate the energy that is bound up in fruitless and painful self-doubt and self-debasement so it instead can be used to pursue your goals in life with more playfulness, enthusiasm, and wonder.

The test consists of 16 situations. For each situation, you must select the answer that best represents how you would think and feel in this situation. Answer as honestly as possible. After the test, you will get the result and some tips to how you can best disengage from your most predominant style of inner criticism.

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1.You are out walking and cross an empty street on a red light. On the other side, an older man looks disapprovingly at you.
2.You consider asking your boss for a raise at your one-to-one meeting later in the week.
3.You are talking one-on-one with a friend who starts bad-mouthing one of your mutual friend.
4.You want to try to change a bad habit.
5.You have just eaten a delicious slice of cake at a party. You go for seconds and see that there is one slice left.
6.You are at a talk and you have a question you want to ask.
7.You want to start learning to play a new instrument.
8.You have a round birthday coming up and you are very excited about having a great party.
9.A friend got angry with you because you forgot his/her birthday.
10.10 You want to surprise your partner with a really special gift.
11.You've seen a great deal for a weekend at a luxury hotel and you can't stop thinking about it.
12.You've met someone you really like but you don't know if they like you back.
13.You have cooked dinner and your partner says it is super delicious.
14.After a long break, you start going to the fitness centre or some other form of exercise.
15.Yesterday, you got drunk and said some very embarrassing things to a friend.
16.Your friend has gotten a promotion, and you are envious.

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