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Module 1: On Support, Grounding & Confidence

In each retreat we look at one specific aspect of Being and how this aspect of being is hidden from us in a net of conditioned concepts, ideas, and associations. Learning to recognize Being one aspect at a time as the ground from which all our experiences arise transforms how we perceive our selves and others and teaches us to recognize the paradise which is always, already present to us. Learning to ground our concepts in the various experiences of Being, enables us to envision new ways of acting in the world, which preserve, rather than obscure, our awareness of this paradise.

On this retreat, we look at the aspect of Being we can experience as an effortless form of grounding.

The sense of having an immovable and stable ground beneath us is deeply relaxing. Lying on the Earth, we know we can surrender our physical weight to the planet and it will remain solid and stable.

Just like the planet supports our body weight, so Being is the ground from which any sense of internal support springs. Any experience of true support in life ultimately is the experience of Being. What we call emotional support, moral support, confidence in self or others, and the related abilities to be effortlessly patient, committed, determined, steadfast, or perseverant are all experiences of sensing that Being is the ground of our moment-to-moment experience.

When our tendencies to be overly controlling and efforting in life dissolve, and we lose interest in any sense of inadequacy and deficiency, we feel effortlessly centered and trusting, and we are not so easily distracted by our thoughts, emotions or urges – or by the external world. Sensing Being supports us in letting our awareness rest in Being.

If you like to join this retreat, you can send a mail to info@sensingmind.com