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Free webinar with Claus Springborg, PhD.

Unlock the Power of Being: Three Secrets to Transformative Therapy

Tuesday, December 20th
11-12 am UK time, 12-13 CET 

What you will learn on the webinar

Secret #1:

Why trying to change often doesn't work

Learn why traditional approaches to therapy often fall short and how embracing a new perspective can lead to lasting transformation. Discover the profound impact of paying attention to the present moment without striving for change.

Secret #2:

How to get tangible results in the first session

Discover how to engage clients in a way that increases the possibility of experiencing tangible and convincing results from the very first therapy session, setting the stage for the onward therapeutic journey.

Secret #3:

How to upgrade any therapeutic approach with two simple questions

Uncover the power of two simple yet profound questions that can enhance the effectiveness of any therapeutic technique. These questions will help you unlock transformative growth with less effort and avoid the traps inherent to any therapeutic technique.

Voices from our previous participants

Claus Springborg, PhD

Claus Springborg, the founder of Sensing Mind Institute, is a teacher who draws on and synthesises ancient wisdom traditions and modern cognitive science. He studied various traditional and contemporary paths of personal development, including the Enneagram with Claudio Naranjo, Tibetan Buddhism with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, the Diamond Logos essence work with Faisal Muqaddam, Jeremy Klein, and Velusia Van Horssen and NLP with Ole Vadum Dahl. He spent four years integrating all of this material during his PhD at Cranfield University 2010-2014.

Claus is the author of the books Disengaging from Inner Criticism – 15 Paths of Liberation (Sensing Mind Institute) and Sensory Templates and Managerial Cognition – Art, Cognitive Science and Spiritual Practices in Management Education (Palgrave Macmillan 2018) and multiple book chapters and academic papers. Claus enables therapists to improve their effectiveness by deepening their presence and clarifying conceptual frameworks. Using an evidence-based approach, Claus brings humanistic principles, precision, reflexivity and humour to his teaching.

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Tuesday, December 20th
11-12 am UK time, 12-13 CET